Corporate Yoga 

Yoga for stressed out employees can help minimize absenteeism, reduce burnout, build team spirit and motivation and enhance productivity. Employee wellness and health can be improved by introducing yoga into their lives it leads to a better outcome for both employees and employer.

 Corporate yoga programmes have been  shown to save businesses money in terms of reducing staff turnover, absenteeism, illness and stress leave. Yoga won't make stress disappear but it can help people to manage their reaction to it more effectively. Improved powers of concentration, greater clarity of mind, better decision-making and improved personal productivity as well as the more general feeling of a deeper sense of health and well being are common effects reported by Yoga practitioners.

Tashyoga can offer a wide range of services for the corporate community.  You can customize to suit your business needs.

Options include:

Regular Yoga Classes
Meditation for Life
Thai Massage
Workshops ( mindfullness, self-care, stress release techniquesetc)
Emotional "Fitness"  -  tools & techniques for dealing with lifes ups and downs
Guided Relaxation Practices

Tashyoga provides all equiptment. You just need to provide the staff and the room!

Corporate Yoga programs can help refresh your spirit , uplift morale, de-stress and energise in your workplace.

Some of tashyoga clients include:
Westpac, Goldbuyers Australia, Federal Police, Suncare, United Synergies, Community Solutions, Comlink, Stockland.

 If you require more information on my corporate programs feel free to contact me.
                                                                      ph 0432991279 

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