Tashyoga can arrange a range of Catering services. From Corporate Functions, weekend retreats, detox-menus, weddings and dinner parties. In alliance with Tummy Rumble Catering, Hospitality and Catering Solutions, tashyoga can arrange all your catering needs. Please contact me for any further details. See below for award winning Chef, Nathan Rumble's Bio.



Chef Nathan Rumble  



A self-confessed perfectionist, chef Nathan Rumbles’ first memory of food was at his paternal Grandmothers  dim and steam filled home, where he recalls an eternal bounty of home baked treats  with flavours, textures and aromas that are etched deep into his memory. He says “ I love food. I love what I do. There’s nothing else I’d rather be doing... in 5,10,20 years from now – I know that I’ll be involved in food in some kind of capacity”
A true foodie,  when he is not in the hot, fast-paced  commercial kitchen,  Nathan spends his time enthusiastically perusing Cookbooks, preparing fresh and nutritious dishes for his two sons, or entertaining friends and family – a ‘captive audience’  with his experimental culinary creations to satisfy his insatiable desire for change, innovation,  self-improvement and creativity.
A multi-award winning  chef with over 15 years experience, Nathan has successfully managed   an eclectic  range of kitchens, from specialised boutique resort-kitchens, to  vibrant inner city restaurants and bustling high volume venues . Nathan describes his signature style as being  heavily influenced by Spanish Cuisine. ...” I love the way that Spanish culture is  so deeply entwined with and enriched by  - it’s food.” He describes his style of cuisine as ‘contemporary’   whereby he uses fresh, high quality ingredients and utilizes a unique blend of culinary  techniques  to create dishes that are boasting of confidence and  oozing with humility at the same time. His style of kitchen management is an intelligent combination of hard work, honesty, patience, philanthropy, professionalism and – importantly – fun!
Nathans enthusiasm and positive demeanour  is infectious and,  when asked how he maintains his passion for cooking in such a cut-throat and increasingly competitive industry, he says that he is always exploring the infinite possibilities of reconstructing dishes, believing wholeheartedly that        “ You’re only ever limited by your imagination”.  He says that he draws a great deal of satisfaction from peering into a dining room full of happy and contented faces and knowing that, in part, he has contributed to their experience. “Food affects peoples mood”, he says.

Contact Nathan on 0432438064

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