Friday, September 7, 2018

Are you in need of a break?
Do you need to insert a pause into your busy life?
Do you need to create an opportunity to reset and recharge before the madness and busyness of 'the silly season' gets under way?
Are you craving down-time? An adventure?
Do you need to create some space and distance from all of your commitments and duties?

My Southern  Sri Lankan Retreat is on in less than two weeks!

Pack your bags... it's all sorted for you, food, accommodation, yoga, meditation, inspiring adventures, sensuous delights, rejuvenating Yoga and down-to-earth, practical meditation instruction.

Bring a friend/partner and take advantage of my September Offer
( see this link)


There are now just two rooms remaining on the Sunshine Coast Radiance Sutras Retreat with Dr Lorin Roche and Camille Maurine ; Oct 11-14, 2018 

This retreat will sell out, last year we had a wait list
contact me asap if you want to join us!

I've started a private  meditation group, a place to come together and share insights, tips, questions, answers, motivation and, most importantly, support one another along the journey of self-awareness and empowerment using yoga + meditation as tools.
In the group, we share real-world, practical applications of this ancient and powerful practice

If you'd like to join, click HERE

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