Monday, March 14, 2016


Wild Serenity Meditation Teacher Training

An immersion in Pranava

Infusing passion, peace and pleasure into your life

 With Dr. Lorin Roche and Camille Maurine

Hosted by Tashyoga at
Blooming Lotus Yoga Studio, Currimundi

You can take the course for your own development and  learn and practice meditations that suit your individual nature, or you can take it to develop skills as a teacher of meditation.

The training is for anyone who desires to learn more about this natural, life-affirming approach to meditation. This is a very human, tender, and loving practice for yourself or to share with others. You do not need to be a yoga teacher to apply.

After using, practicing, and researching these skills for the past half a century, Dr. Lorin Roche is opening the door wide to train teachers in this system.

Friday, April 15: 10-1pm + 2-5pm + 7-10pm
Saturday, April 16: 10-1pm + 2.30-5.30pm
Sunday, April 17: 10-1pm + 2.30-5.30pm

25 hours ( includes 21 hours CONTACT; 4 hours distance education)

$650 prepaid by April 13th

$720 after April 13th

To register contact:

Natasha Rumble ph. 0432991279

Mens Meditation Evening with Lorin Roche
Fri 15th April - 7-10pm
More info HERE

Dr. Roche has been exploring, researching and teaching meditation since 1968, becoming a teacher of Transcendental Meditation. Over the years he has been developing an approach, which he calls Instinctive Meditation, that works with the fine structure of individual uniqueness, rather than imposing a standardized approach. He draws on insights into how people learn gained from the cognitive sciences, the Himalayan meditation tradition that TM is based on, Jungian dream work, and Tai Chi. This integrative approach results in simple ways for people to learn many different meditation techniques

Meditation Secrets for Women with Camille Maurine

Wednesday, 13th April 7-9.30pm
Thursday, 14th April 7-9.30pm
Friday, 15th April 7-10pm

More info HERE

Meditation can help you to enjoy life more and function better. Meditation enhances physical health and vitality, and promotes mental clarity. Emotionally, you will notice a deepened awareness of your feelings, and a greater capacity to give and receive love. Meditation is an overall physiological response - an integrated mind-body state. The ability to meditate is built-in, and there are thousands of ways of accessing it.

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