Sunday, October 5, 2014

Early Bird Savings Extended until October 24th

"The urge to merge, the longing to melt into love with the essence of life is one of a human being's strongest urges. It's unstoppable."
I can't really explain how  fantatsic Lorin and Camilles  approach to teaching and coaching meditation is, you have to experience it!  Early this year, I had the good fortune to be able to take a 5 day training with Dr Lorin Roche and his wife, Camille. It was truly awesome - a life changing experience. Lorin and Camille are a gift to the universe beyond compare. Their compassion and wisdom is so beautiful.   I got so much out of the training and learnt so many tools and techniques to both practice, teach and coach meditation. More details about the training can be found HERE

A weekend of instinctive meditation training may inspire you to get started on your dream, your vision, your quest. You will learn tools to both practice and teach meditation. You will learn from two great master teachers, who have a combined teaching experience of over 80 years!! From my experience, you will laugh, cry, share, bond, melt, relax, develop clarity and calm, bathe in your essence, luxuriate in your inner centre and create an amazing new fresh perspective on life.  I wouldn't want you to miss out on this event.

This course is great for yoga teachers, counselling therapists, psychologists, school teachers, doctors of medicine, guidance officers, massage therapists/body workers... or anyone seeking to deepen ther connection to ther own life-essence.

                                           Friday 31st Oct 7-10pm.
                                          The Yoga of Wild Serenty

                                         Sat 1st Nov 10-1pm; 3-6pm
                                        Sun 2nd Nov 10-1pm; 2-5pm
                Flowing Between Listening, Sharing, Moving, Mudra, Shavasana .                                                                     Meditation Immersion Training

Entire Weekend ( includes Tea, Coffee, Snacks) $410 early bird, $465 after Oct 24th

Entire Weekend + 3 nights Accommodation * ( includes Breakfast, Tea, Coffee, Snacks) $665 early bird, $725 after Oct 24th.

Fri Night Only : $100 early Bird, $120 After Oct 24th. 

 Please contact me ASAP to book in/make payments
Book now , either by direct deposit or via PayPal

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