Tuesday, March 4, 2014

3 Masterclasses with international Yoga Teacher Barbra Noh.
March 22 + 23
Wellsure, Caloundra, Sunshine Coast

You may attend one, two or all three workshops
$60 each
$110 for two workshops
$160 for all three workshops
For bookings/payment details contact 0432991279 or info@tashyoga.com

Barbra Noh is a certified Anusara® yoga teacher and has been teaching yoga for 14 years. It was the inspiring community of teachers that drew her to Anusara, along with its beautiful and effective methodology for physical and personal transformation. Today Barbra is one of the leading teacher trainers for this method of hatha yoga.
Originally from Australia, Barbra trained as a dancer in her hometown of Melbourne and worked for many years in European theatres. Now based in Germany, she leads the Anusara TT program at AIRYOGA Munich and travels internationally teaching workshops, trainings and retreats. Barbra is passionate about teaching yoga and supporting students in their quest to discover and live their full potential.



Sat 22nd March

Bamboo Backbends

Cultivate the supple strength of bamboo. Develop ease and strength in both your body and your nervous system with this masterclass focusing on backbends. Barbra will teach you how to take the stress out of deep backbends, develop resilience and even find comfort in the poses we find most intense.

Sat 22nd March

An Adventurous Heart
Twists, balancing poses, hand-balancing - these are the asanas that challenge us to remain steady in our focus and firmly connected to our core as we dare to go beyond what seems safe and easy. Carried by our sense of adventure we shed our natural sense of caution to move beyond our limited perception of what is possible.

Sat 23rd March

No Pain, All Gain

No one goes to yoga to experience pain and yet yoga teachers and practitioners often suffer from yoga-related discomfort, develop chronic pain or practise for years while tolerating “poses that hurt”. The good news is, it is not the poses that hurt us, but the way we do them.

Since Barbra began applying the alignment principles of Anusara Yoga to her teaching in 2005, she has witnessed countless examples of dramatic and often immediate improvement in many of the typical aches, pains and injuries that are common in the yoga world and the wider community.

In this class the “Universal Principles of Alignment” (UPA), a concise system of bio-mechanical principles, provide the basis for working therapeutically through the medium of asana. We will use physical yoga practice to deepen and integrate optimal posture and energy flow within the body.

Barbra will guide you to look closely at some of the asanas that practitioners most commonly find uncomfortable and teach you specific actions to transform those poses into ones which you can enjoy.

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