Saturday, February 16, 2013

Radiance Sutras Workshops With Dr Lorin Roche PH.D

Radiance Sutras Workshop 

with Dr Lorin Roche

Fri 22nd March—Sun 24th March 2013
Sunshine Coast QLD
All levels of experience are welcome. Yoga teachers will find it particularly valuable

The Radiance Sutras is a musical, sensuous translation of this tantra by Lorin Roche, who has lived and breathed these yogas for 40 years. The Radiance Sutras evoke a world of wonder, awe, and delight.
These  are workshops and  also playshops. The energy in the room is playful and exploratory, as we all get a chance to notice what yoga practices are calling us. The Vijnana Bhairava Tantra presents 112 yogas, and in practice we are often called to one or more while feeling “done with” others. You’ll get a chance to refresh the Shakti of your practice, if you have one, or to find a practice, if you are seeking one.
The focus is full-body spirituality-accepting of every breath, sensual experience, and emotion as a doorway to deep and intimate contact with the energies of life. The practices include mudra (energy gestures), pranayama (breath), mantra (sound), and dhyana (meditation).  Anyone can practice these methods. The emphasis is on naturalness, spontaneity, and being at home in the universe. You meet yourself wherever you are, whether you are restless, lonely, loving, tired, excited, nostalgic, or quiet. All levels of experience are welcome.
Friday 22nd March  7-10pm

Sunshine Coast Power Yoga, Buddina
$60 pre-paid       $75 at the door

Meditation is intimacy with life. 

Saturday 23rd March
12 midday—6pm

Being Yoga, Maroochydore
$110 pre-paid          $130 at the door

Come immerse yourself in love-drenched meditation and movement
Sunday 24th March  10 am—6pm

Anahata Yoga Temple, Eumundi
$130 pre-paid            $150 at the door

We will explore the luminous teachings of the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, an ancient text that describes 112 awareness practices for touching the sacred in the midst of daily life.

$270 pre-paid

Go deeper into the body, breath, and movement of these vibrant energy practices Anyone can practice these methods. The emphasis is on naturalness, spontaneity, and being at home in the universe.

For info/bookings contact
Natasha Patten
Ph 0432991279

These workshops  will be particularly liberating and valuable for yoga teachers ... you will acquire deep and lasting tools, which will help you guide your students into Savasana and guide them in meditation.

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